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HSK exam, December 6th, 2014



The HSK (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi/Chinese Proficiency Test) is the official test  administered  by  the  Hanban/Confucius  Institute  Headquarters to  assess  learners’  proficiency  in  Chinese  language  and  to  select participants for Confucius Institute Scholarships.
The HSK to be held in Padova on 6 December, 2014 is opened for registration. The registration deadline for this test is 5, November,  Applicants  may  choose  the  level  you  prefer  to  attend  according to  your  level  of  Chinese  proficiency.  The  following  table  lists  the vocabulary required for the six levels for reference.

Requirements for each level of vocabulary is approximately :

    HSK(Level 1)  150
    HSK(Level 2)  300
    HSK(Level 3)  600
    HSK(Level 4)  1200
    HSK(Level 5)  2500
    HSK(Level 6)  5000+

The test fee of each level is listed below (Euro):

    HSK(Level 1)  10
    HSK(Level 2)  15
    HSK(Level 3)  20
    HSK(Level 4)  25
    HSK(Level 5)  30
    HSK(Level 6)  40

To register:

1. Log in at;
2.  Choose  the  test  center—Confucius  Institute  at  the  University  of Padova
3. Fill in your personal information for registration, and submit when it is confirmed completely and correctly;
4. Please remember to submit your photo if you attend the test of level 5 and level 6.
4. Please register online before 5, November 2014, 17:00. (Beijing time 12:00)
5. The date of test is 6 December, 2014.

To pay the Test Fee:

Once online registration is completed, please pay the test fee at the Confucius Institute at the University of Padua before 5, November, 17:00.  Please  come  during  10:00  am-12:00  am,  14:30  pm-17:00 pm on weekdays. The address is: Via Beato Pellegrino 28, Padova.

The registration will be validated upon payment.
For more  information,  please  call  049  82748734,  or  send  email  to prof.ssa MO Huan :
In  addition,  there  are  some  materials  for  the  test  in  our  office, including  Chinese  Proficiency  Test  Syllabus  Speaking,  Vocabulary, Official  Examination  Papers,  and  HSK  Simulated  Test.  And  we  will offer training courses on request of the students.

Mo Huan

Istituto Confucio di Padova
Via Beato Pellegrino 28
+39 049 82748734




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